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2017.11.12 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #363 in the SC17
2017.06.18 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #J-630 in the ISC17
2016.11.14 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #3424 in the SC16
2016.06.19 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #630 in the ISC16
2015.11.16 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #2213 in the SC15!
2015.07.12 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #630 in the ISC15
2014.11.17 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #1857 in the SC14!
2014.06.22 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #830 in the ISC14
2013.11.13 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth #1741 in the SC13!
2013.09.09 GSIC Joint International Workshop on "Physical, numerical and analytical approaches to the collapse mechanisms observed in geomechanics and geology"
2013.08.07 GSIC International Symposium on "Slope Stability Assessment, Reinforcement and Monitoring in Open-Pit Coal Mining"
2013.04.30 GSIC & LDD Joint International Workshop on "Applications of Information Technology and Geographic Information System for Sustainable Land Development"
2012.11.01 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth 3636 in the SC12!
2012.06.17 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth 752 in the ISC12
2012.04.17 International Symposium on "Reduction and Prevention of Geo-hazards in Development of Subsurface Energy Resources"
2012.02.20 Gaussian Workshop 2012 (20-24 Feb.)
2011.11.12 Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth 6206 in the SC11!
2011.08.22 Supercomputing Contest 2011
2011.06.20 TSUBAME2.0 Ranked #5 on the Jun. 2011 TOP 500!
2011.06.14 Joint Int'l Workhop on HPC for Natural Disaster Simulation and GPU Computing (Bangkok, June 27-28, 2011) is co-organized by GSIC, Asian Institute of technology and Kasetsart Univsersity.
2010.11.08 GSIC at SC10
2010.06.11 Talk by Dr. Todd Gamblin
2009.04.24 IHES Opening Ceremony with Mr. Kazuhiko Togo:"Japan's Challenge: East Asia in the 21st Century"
2008.12.03 Fifth GSIC International Symposium "Leading Studies on Computational Mechanics"
2006.03.08 GSIC International symposium "Structural Bioinformatics:Hot and Cool"
2005.08.04 The first lecture on Tokyo Tech Open CourseWare
2005.07.13 Graphics and Visualization Research Group held the first seminar in 2005
2005.06.15 The second GSIC seminar in 2005: Report on the Visit to DAPAD Africa
2005.06.06 Call for Participation: the 11th Super Computing Contest
2005.05.31 The first GSIC seminar in 2005: Copyright issues on the educational contents in Japanese universities