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Professor ITO Toshiya
Global Scientific Information and
Computing Center

The Global Scientific Information and Computing Center(GSIC) was established in April 2001 by amalgamating the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Computer Center and the International Cooperation Center for Science and Technology.

GSIC's missions are to apply advanced information technology to support research and education activities and to use the technology as a medium for promoting research collaboration at an international level.In line with these missions, GSIC has been showing steady results in developing the university's information infrastructure and supporting its operation, in supporting cutting-edge research in high-performance computation and futher research based on its findings, as well as in using it to promote international labor cooperation.

In recognition of GSIC's achievements, it was designated a Joint Usage / Research Center alongside the seven other similar centers nationwide.Starting April 2010, the GSIC commenced activities as one of the constituent centers of the Japan High Performance Computing and Networking plus Large-Scale Data Analyzing and Information Systems.

In July 2010, GSIC was restructured into an organization with two divisions to help it play an even more effective role in promoting cutting-edge research and international research collaboration as a Joint Usage / Research Center.

GSIC hopes to continue living up to expectations from both within and outside the university in the coming years through its efforts related to the university's information infrastructure and advanced research activities.