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2017.11.13 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.16 has been published.
2016.03.08 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.15 has been published.
2016.02.29 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.14 has been published.
2015.03.10 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.13 has been published.
2014.11.21 Solicitation for Full-time Associate Professor Position
2014.09.29 2014 IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award honors Professor Satoshi Matsuoka
2014.09.22 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.12 has been published.
2014.08.04 「Geological conditions and geotechnical characteristics of Phnom Penh subsoils in Cambodia」
2014.06.20 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.11 has been published.
2014.05.27 Solicitation for an Assistant Professor Position
2013.11.21 TSUBAME-KFC is Ranked No. 1 on both Green500 and Green Graph 500 Lists
2013.11.19 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.10 has been published.
2013.09.09 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.9 has been published.
2013.07.16 Tokyo Tech.'s TSUBAME Upgrades to 17Petaflops (in Single Precision) This Fall
2013.03.13 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.8 has been published.
2012.12.26 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.7 has been published.
2012.11.19 Prof. Shinobu Yamaguchi Recognized as Honorary Worker of the Mongolian Education Sector
2012.07.19 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.6 has been published
2012.05.22 GSIC researchers won the Achievement Award in the world's 18 CUDA Centers of Excellence (CCOEs) for the GSIC TSUBAME2.0 research.
2012.04.10 Prof. Takayuki Aoki was recognized as a NVIDIA CUDA Fellow
2012.02.28 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.5 has been published.
2012.02.03 TSUBAME2.0 Supercomputer recognized as the clear overall winner in worldwide supercomputer competitiveness by HPC Wire.
2011.11.18 Tokyo Tech GSIC Group Wins Gordon Bell Award
2011.10.18 GSIC International Workshop on "Groundwater Decontamination and Quality Evaluation"
2011.08.28 GSIC's two papers are nominated as Gordon Bell finalist at SC11!
2011.08.28 Grand Challenge (Large Scale GPU applications) on TSUBAME2.0 (Aug.28 updated)
2011.08.08 "Kickoff meeting of the project "Sustainable ICT use in Education: Developing Teacher Training Material using ICT" in Mongolia" held in Ulanbaatar, Mongolia
2011.05.10 Tokyo Institute of Technology to Add CULA Library to TSUBAME 2.0
2011.03.01 Notification of Partial Revisions to Fee List for TSUBAME2.0 and Position List to be Applied to Preferential Fees for Tokyo TECH members (from FY 2011)
2011.03.01 We started TSUBAME2.0 video (rev.Feb.2011) streaming!
2011.02.28 Labour Medal awarded to Tokyo Tech (Prof. Yamaguchi and Prof. Takada) from Lao P.D.R
2011.01.21 We started TSUBAME2.0 video streaming!
2010.11.22 TSUBAME2.0 Ranked #2 on the Nov. 2010 Green 500!
2010.11.04 TSUBAME e-Science Journal Vol.1 & Vol.2 were published
2009.09.30 TSUBAME Won the First Prize of Japanse University in June 2009 Top500
2009.09.30 GSIC Lecture Meeting 2009 No.01 "Japan-Italy Joint Program in Computational Fluid Dynamics on TSUBAME"
2007.04.02 Students from Norwegian University of Science and Technology visited TSUBAME
2006.11.14 TSUBAME achieved 47.38TFLOPS and is ranked in the 9th in the Top500
2006.07.04 TSUBAME is ranked in the seventh position in the Top500 list
2006.06.02 TSUBAME achieved 38.18TFLOPS!
2005.11.16 Tokyo Institute of Technology to Deploy the Largest "Supercomputing Grid" in Japan
2005.05.09 Campus wireless LAN service launched