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GSIC Activities at ISC17

Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth J-630 in ISC17 !


The Tokyo Tech GSIC Booth, #J-630, will showcase the latest TSUBAME Project at ISC High Performance held in Frankfurt, Germany in June 2017.
Booth Name: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Booth Number: J-630 [Map]

ISC17: ISC High Performance
Tutorials: June 18, 2017
Conference: June 19 - 21, 2017
Exhibition: June 19 - 21, 2017
Workshops: June 22, 2017

Highlights at ISC'17

The new TSUBAME3.0 (Aug 2017) spearheads the series of TSUBAME supercomputers sporting Japan’s fastest aggregate 65.8 “AI-Petaflops”, accelerating not only traditional simulation workloads but also modern AI and Big Data processing at scale.

     TSUBAME ESJ - e-Science Journal TSUBAME3.0 Hardware Software Specifications (preview)

Latest Supercomputing Researches and Activities of GSIC

These posters are shown in the GSIC ISC17 booth.

Features of TSUBAME 3.0

Extreme Big Data

HPC in Post Moore Era

Deeper Memory Hierarchy

RWBC-OIL: AIST-Tokyo Tech Real World Big-Data Computation Open Innovation Laboratory

The Green 500 List

Green 500 logo

TSUBAME3.0 ranked #1 (#1 in Japan)


HPCG logo

TSUBAME2.5 ranked #26 (#6 in Japan)

TOP 500 Supercomputers

Top 500 logo

TSUBAME2.5 ranked #45 (#6 in Japan)
TSUBAME3.0 ranked #62 (#8 in Japan)