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Network Infrastructures Committee




Affiliation Title Name
GSIC (Chair) Prof. TOMOISHI Masahiko
GSIC Deputy Director(Information)  Prof. ITO Toshiya
GSIC Prof. ISSHIKI Tsuyoshi
GSIC(Repeated) Prof. TOMOISHI Masahiko
GSIC Prof. ENDO Toshio
GSIC Assoc.Prof. KITAGUCHI Yoshiaki
GSIC Assoc.Prof. MATSUURA Satoshi
GSIC Assist.Prof. ISHII Masahiro
GSIC Specially Appointed Assist.Prof. JIN Yong
School of Science Assoc.Prof. UEKUSA Hidehiro
School of Engineering Prof. YAMAGUCHI Masahiro
School of Engineering Prof. OGATA Wakaha
School of Engineering Assoc.Prof. YAMAOKA Katsunori
School of Engineering Assoc. Prof. SUGINO Nobuhiko
School of Engineering Assist. Prof. MUNESUE Yosuke
School of Environment and Society Assoc. Prof. YAMASHITA Yukihiko
School of Computing Prof. YAMAMURA Masayuki
School of Computing Prof. TOKUNAGA Takenobu
School of Computing Assoc.Prof. WAKITA Ken
School of Computing Assoc.Prof. SHUDO Kazuyuki
School of Life Science and Technology Prof. ITO Takehiko
Institute for Liberal Arts Prof. MUROTA Masao
Institute of Innovative Research Prof. OKUMURA Manabu
Institute of Innovative Research Assoc. Prof. TAMAKI Takanori
Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology Senior Teacher NAKAMICHI Yoshio
Facilities Construction and Maintenance Division Group Leader MURAYAMA Osamu