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Computing Infrastructures Committee for Research




Affiliation Title Name
GSIC (Chair) Prof. ENDO Toshio
GSIC Director Prof. YAMADA Isao
GSIC Deputy Director (Global Scientific) Prof. Aoki Takayuki
GSIC Deputy Director (Information) Prof. ITO Toshiya
GSIC Prof. ISSHIKI Tsuyoshi
GSIC Prof. TOMOISHI Masahiko
GSIC (Repeated) Prof. ENDO Toshio
GSIC Assoc.Prof. YOKOTA Rio
GSIC Assoc.Prof. NUKADA Akira
GSIC Specially Appointed Assoc.Prof. WATANABE Toshio
GSIC Assist.Prof. JITSUMOTO Hideyuki
GSIC Assist.Prof. NOMURA Akihiro
GSIC Specially Appointed
MIURA Shinichi
School of Science Assoc.Prof. KOGA Akihisa
School of Science Assist.Prof. OKAMOTO Taro
School of Engineering Prof. XIAO Feng
School of Materials and Chemical Technology Assoc.Prof. KAWAUCHI Susumu
School of Computing Prof. SHINODA Koichi
School of Computing Prof. NISHIBATA Shinya
School of Computing Assoc.Prof. ONO Isao
School of Life Science and Technology Assist.Prof. KADONOSONO Tetsuya
Earth-Life Science Institute Assoc.Prof. GENDA Hidenori