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Problem Solving Environment Group

E-Science Enabled by New Generation of High-Performance Computational Infrastructures

The missions of the Problem Solving Environment Group are to research and develop, construct, and manage the new generation computational infrastructure for large-scale computational science for e-Science*1 and to collaborate with outside institutions to serve a leadership role in construction of such infrastructures.

*1: parallelization of high-level applications, parallel software and components, commodity PC clustering, and wide-area distributed computing a.k.a. the Grid technology.

GSIC efforts for enabling e-Science

Titech Campus Grid Infrastructure [Titech Grid]

  • Campus-wide distributed deployment of large-and small-size Titech Gride experimental clusters and supercomputers.
  • Virtual supercomputing power through deployment of various Cluster and Grid middleware, including Globus,Condor, Ninf...
  • Over 1300 processors, > 2 Teraflops total compute capacity deployed and usesd extensively with integration of Titech Grid clusters, Supercomputers, as well as compute resources of collaborating projects.
  • Over 40 Teraflops deployment of the new Titech Grid procured and operational by spring 2006.
  • Direct collaboration with the National Research Grid Initiative (NAREGI) , part of National Cyber Science Infrastructure.