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Advanced Applications of High-Performance Computing Group

Scientific and Public Contributions using High-Performance Computing

We are conducting R&D related to advanced applications of high-performance computing on the TSUBAME supercomputer and aiming at scientific outcomes and public contributions.

  • New algorithms for GPU computing

  • Large-scale HPC applications using GPU

  • International research collaboration on HPC applications

  • Dynamic load balance

  • AMR (Adaptive Mesh Refinement)

  • Hierarchical methods for Exascale

  • Scalable deep learning on thousands of GPUs

  • International collaboration for open source libraries


Applications on TSUBAME

  • Large-scale simulation for two-phase flows

  • Large-Eddy Simulation on turbulent flows

  • Study on Fluid-structure interaction

  • Tsunami simulation

  • Particle simulation for granular and fluid

  • Hierarchical low-rank approximation

  • Kronecker factorization

  • Hierarchical communication for deep learning

  • Second order optimization for deep learning