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Vision and Policy

We aims at 1) strengthening research and project collaboration with international organizations and development organizations through local need based application of information technology; 2) further promoting international research cooperation with educational and research institution and its government where Tokyo Tech Overseas Offices located; and 3) strengthening research collaboration with prominent research institutions using super computing facilities via identifying global problems such as environmental issues, natural disaster prevention, and life science.

Current International Collaboration Research and Collaboration

  • "Natural Disaster Prevention Simulation"
  • "Real-Time Tsunami Simulation using GPU"
  • "Medicine Simulation using HPC"
  • "ICT Application for Sustainable Development of World Heritage Sites"

In a long term, it is expected to contribute to regional and international community through variety of international collaboration with information technology, and thus, Tokyo Tech is naturally becomes a part of society for social improvement.

  • State of arts intervention using information technology
  • Coping with global problems using information infrastructure
  • Creating solution for global issues through international collaboration research and projects
  • Developing human resources focusing on young leader
  • Multiple External fund-raising