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Research Collaboration using TSUBAME

Guidance to International Research Collaboration using TSUBAME

The high performance of supercomputer TSUBAME operated by Global Scientific Information and Computing Center has been extended to the international arena. TSUBAME is expected to serve as an excellent medium of knowledge-sharing for the benefit of the international community. Overseas researchers can have an access to TSUBAME through collaborations initiated by Tokyo Tech's researchers. GSIC supports such a kind of international research collaborations.

International Research Collaboration tied under MOU on Academic Exchange

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on academic exchange between the organizations/departments is prerequisite for the use of TSUBAME. This is to create sufficient mutual trust and an official framework of responsibility between research groups affiliated.
In addition, the content of the research collaboration and list of users must be clarified in the Agreement for Collaboration entered into with GSIC. We offer consultations to facilitate the necessary process. This is to counter illegal personal identification, lending and borrowing user accounts, obstruction through its use for improper research purposes (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: Disarmament, Non-proliferation and Science Department,Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Security Export Control Policy Division,Trade Control Department,Information Ethics Policy of Tokyo Institute of Technology).

Review Process for International Research Collaboration using TSUBAME

The following steps are taken to review and approve the use of TSUBAME for international research collaboration.

  • Purpose of international research collaboration

    Use of TSUBAME is limited to the joint research collaboration between Tokyo Tech research group and overseas researchers/ research groups.

  • Criteria to be reviewed
    • Research collaboration under MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), and Agreement for Collaboration
      The Agreement must contain the following information:
      • Research contents and purposes of using TSUBAME
      • List of collaborators (name, affiliation, position, nationality)
      • Statement to conform to international issues
      • Statement to observe GSIC rules and regulations on using TSUBAME
    • Relevance of using TSUBAME
      • Academic contribution
      • Contribution to Tokyo Tech's international strategy
      • Contribution to society / international community
    • User fees

      Reduced fees or free-of-charge services may be considered depending on the level of contribution of the project as well as research necessity; otherwise, a general user fees identified by GSIC will be applied.

    • Allocation of resources for use

      In order to maintain quality of service to Tokyo Tech's users, period of usage, amount of required CPU and data storage will be adjusted by the Computing Infrastructures Committee according to research content.

  • Review to be conducted by specialists

Other rules and conditions:

  • 1. Abide by Tokyo Tech Collaborative Research Agreement with Domestic Parties.
  • 2. User fees are paid by Tokyo Tech's researcher as part of research collaboration.
  • 3. The MOU must be concluded before submitting the application to the Computing Infrastructures Committee for endorsement.
  • # MOU guidance and Agreement templates are available here.

Flow of procedures

  • Approval to conclude MOU at Department/Center Meeting
  • Conclusion of MOU (signed by heads/directors of both affiliated organizations)
  • Submission of Agreement (using Agreement template) + Official MOU + Explanation documents
  • Review/Approval from the Global Collaboration Committee for Utilization of Information Resources
  • Review/Approval from the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
  • Review/Approval from the steering committee of the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
  • Conclusion of Agreement (signed by heads/directors of both affiliated organizations)
  • Application of new user/s (via Computer System: applying menu (specific connection outside university))
  • Application form for computer system (PDF) + Copy of user identification
  • Submission to the Administrator of Infrastructure System Group, Information Infrastructure Division, Research Information Department
  • Issuance of accounts and passwords
  • Application for TSUBAME group account service payment

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Global Scientific Information and Computing Center, Global Collaboration Committee for Utilization of Information Resources, Head of Committee(e-mail address)