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International Symposium on "Reduction and Prevention of Geo-hazards in Development of Subsurface Energy Resources"


Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and Kasetsart University (KU) has
entered into the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation in
research and education since December 1996. This MOU paves a way to joint
research activities and publications as well as joint working arrangement
for holding conferences, colloquia and symposia in order to exchange of
information in fields of interest to both institutions. Under an umbrella of
MOU going forward, international symposium is decided to be held at
Kasetsart University, Bangkok on May 14th, 2012.

Mineral and energy reserves are crucial for supplying valuable resources to
sustain both social development and economic growth. However, not all
resources are recoverable using current technology. This means thus far,
energy resources deposited in a shallow level of subsurface has been
recoverable by traditional technology however in the future, the deeper
level of deposit is more difficult to extract and needs advances in mining
technology which can achieve the economics of recovery.

The international symposium aims to promote joint research activities and
enhance scientific researches in the field of geo-mechanics and mining
towards the solutions to reduce and prevent geo-hazards as well as
contributing the knowledge to the development of subsurface energy resources
focusing on open-pit coal mining. Recent researches on failure mechanisms
studied by both physical and numerical modeling will be presented to
disseminate their research/academic achievements through integration across
disciplines on the broad contents to wide audiences who are interested in
slope stability, reinforcement method, slope monitoring techniques,
earthquake-induced hazard prevention as well as evaluation and
interpretation of geo-material behaviors using experimental and
computational approaches.

Network partnership with the researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology
and Kasetsart University is a focal point with cooperation to Chiang Mai
University and Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. Outcomes of
knowledge sharing on the new technologies, opinion exchange and academic
discussion on open-pit mining practice and related fields would be benefit
to joint researches and could initiate the research collaborations in the
future. It is expected that an outcome of the symposium will consequently
contribute to the feasibility of mining subsurface energy resources
economically and strengthen the international academia-industry

Symposium bulletin can be downloaded from the following URL