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Steering Committee

Affiliation Title Name
GSIC Director Prof. ITO Toshiya
GSIC Deputy Director(Information) Prof. MIYAZAKI Jun
GSIC Deputy Director(Global Scientific) Prof. AOKI Takayuki
GSIC Prof. SUGINO Nobuhiko
GSIC Prof. TOMOISHI Masahiko
GSIC Prof. ENDO Toshio
GSIC Assoc.Prof. KITAGUCHI Yoshiaki
GSIC Assoc.Prof. MATSUURA Satoshi
GSIC Assoc.Prof. YOKOTA Rio
GSIC Assoc.Prof. ONISHI Ryo
School of Science Prof. GOTO Kei
School of Engineering Prof. FUKAWA Kazuhiko
School of Materials and Chemical Technology Assoc.Prof. FURUYA Hidemine
School of Environment and Society Assoc.Prof. TAKEMURA Jiro
School of Computing Assoc.Prof. KOBAYASHI Takashi
Institute for Liberal Arts Lecturer KEZUKA Kazuhiro
School of Life Science and Technology Prof. KITAO Akio
Institute of Innovative Research Prof. FUJII Masaaki
Institute of Innovative Research Assoc.Prof. KONDO Masatoshi
Office of Strategic Management Prof. MORI Masao
Office of Education and International Cooperation Senior Aide to the Executive Vice President KANDA Manabu
Office of Research and Innovation Vice President ITO Toshiya
Office of Campus Management Vice President OKADA Tetsuo
Director,Institute Library Prof. YAMAMURO Kyoko
Principal,Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology Prof. NAKAGAWA Shigeki
Center for International Education Vice President IMURA Jyunichi
Director-General FUJINO Tadayuki