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R&D Themes

 The missions of GSIC are to support research and education by making the most of leading edge  information  technology, and to promote an active and cooperative exchange amongst various organizations including universities, research laboratories and other institutes,both inside and outside of Japan.

Through these, it aims to raise the level of research and education, and to promote international  cooperation for science and technology.

ICT Support Division

Authentication and Networking Group

  • Stable and secure authentication-authorization system
  • High performance authentication-authorization system
  • Stable and secure network operation
  • High functionality network usability using authentication technology


Information Infrastructure Application Group

  • Foundation of system verification
  • Utilization of system verification technology
  • Basic technology for software development
  • Theory of programming languages


Information Security Group

  • Technologies for upgrading and automating incident response
  • Technology for building and operating a large-scale log analysis infrastructure


Advanced Computing Research Division

High Performance Computing Systems Group

  • High performance highly parallel/GPGPU computing
  • Power-saving system operation and cooling
  • System operation of “Everybody’s supercomputer” with easy use
  • Evaluation/design of next-gen supercomputers


Advanced Applications of High-Performance Computing Group

  • Large-scale GPU Computing for stencil applications
  • Dynamic load balance of octree AMR applications
  • Large-scale distributed parallel deep learning
  • Matrix factorization using hierarchical low-rank approximations


Large-Scale Data Processing Group

  • Numerical simulations of environmental fluid dynamics
  • Numerical prediction of urban micro-meteorology
  • Information technology for data-driven smart society
  • AI-aided applications for the better use of Big Data