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GSIC Activities at SC11

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Tokyo Tech GSIC Group Wins Gordon Bell Award

TSUBAME2.0 Ranked #10 on the Nov. 2011 The Green 500!

TSUBAME2.0 Ranked #4 on the Nov. 2011 The Graph 500!

TSUBAME2.0 Ranked #5 on the Nov. 2011 TOP 500!

Visit Tokyo Tech at Booth 6206 in the SC11!


The Tokyo Tech Booth, #6206, will showcase the latest TSUBAME2 Project. The GPU-centric TSUBAME2 is the first national PFlops supercomputer in Japan. TSUBAME2.0 was ranked #4 and #5 on the TOP500 list in Nov. 2010 and June 2011, respectively.

+ SC11 : The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis
+ Conference Dates : Nov. 12-18. 2011
+ Exhibition Dates : Nov. 14-17. 2011


Prof. Matsuoka's Photo

Tokyo Tech’s TSUBAME2 became the first Japanese PFlops supercomputer in Nov. 2010, ranked 4th on the Top500 and awarded the “Greenest Production Supercomputer in the World” from the Green500. TSUBAME2, co-designed with NEC and HP, hosts nearly 3000 Intel Xeons and over 4000 nVidia Fermi GPUs, full-bisection multi-rail Infiniband network, 3000 SSDs coupled with 7 PByte HDDs for TB/s I/O. Two of Tsubame2’s apps were nominated as the Gordon Bell Finalists for SC11. Visit booth 6206 to find out!