Akihiro Nomura

Associate Professor for Institute Management
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
Tokyo Institute of Technology

I was Ph.D student in Parallel and Distributed System Software Laboratory (Yutaka Ishikawa lab) in The University of Tokyo

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Note: My given name is "Akihiro" and my family name is "Nomura."


Efficient Scheduling of Supercomputer Jobs

Supercomputers are shared with many users, and arbitration of their job to the limited resource is not a trivial problem.
To minimize waste of machine time, we need to pack jobs both spatially (node partitioning) and temporally (exact estimation of execution time).

High performance collective operation

Non-blocking collective communications are going to be introduced in new MPI standards.
Normally, communication threads are necessary to implement Non-blocking collectives in order to make them progress even if application thread does not return to MPI library, but the costs of context switch between computation threads and communication threads are not negligible.
I propose a method to pivot communication threads' functionality into OS kernel context in order to avoid context switches.

Modeling of collective communications in commodity network environment

Recently, commodity network environment, especially TCP/IP on Ethernet, is becoming used in cloud computing environment.
Unlike in the interconnects which is commonly used in cluster computing, like Infiniband, the behavior of communication in TCP/IP network is complicated because of various reasons.
I believe that building the method to predict the behavior of communication will be a stepping stone to solving various problems on the performance of cloud computing.


Please check recent publications from T2R2.

High performance collective operation

Modeling of collective communications in commodity network environment

OS-level support for realtime communication

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