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TSUBAME2.0 is our latest supercomputer, featuring, among others, national-first petaflop performance with very large-scale GPU acceleration, massive parallel storage, and highly power-efficient designs. This is the second generation of our TSUBAME-series machines, and is designed and constructed based on our experiences with the previous supercomputer, TSUBAME1.

More details on TSUBAME2's architecture can be found at here. The compute services with TSUBAME are available not only for students and faculty at Tokyo Tech but also for outside collaborators and even private sector through commercial usage plans. See this page for more information.



We are exhibiting at SC11! Visit us at booth #6206. See detail http://www.gsic.titech.ac.jp/sc11


TSUBAME2.0 video streaming

TSUBAME2.0 video English ver.
TSUBAME2.0 video Japanese ver.

TSUBAME2.0 specifications