Last Updated : 24, May, 2004
SuperCon 2004 10th Anniversary

SuperCon04: Report on the Final Evaluation

SuperCon04 has been held from August 2nd to 6th (programming by contestants), it has been successully closed with a final presentation and award celemony held on August 7th. We thank all those who supported this contest, and we would like to praise the hard work of all students participated into the contest.

Below we give a brief report on the final evaluation of the programs submitted from all 14 teams on August 6th.

SuperCon Stiring Committee
Problem Outline (see this for details)

Write a program that computes the original image or the one that is close to it based on given two files "eimage" and "hint", the former for an encrypted image and the latter for hints.

The program must output a restored image (to the standard output) within three minutes. For the evaluation, each program is executed (for three minutes) on one pair of files "eimage" and "hint" that we prepared for this evaluation, and the closeness, the proportion of pixels of the output that are the same as the original, is measured. Of course, the higher proportion is the better; but in case two programs give the same closeness, the tie is broken by choosing the one with shorter computation.

Note: Within the three-min. time limit, your program is allowed to produce images as many as you want. If there are more than one outputs, the last one is used for the evaluation.

Result (in the alphabetical order of team names)
Team Matched Pixels (%) time elapsed Rank School
bsabsa no output -- Busan Science Academy
china 65411 99.81% 165.87sec 2nd Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School, Hangzhou Xuejun High School, Nanjing Foreign Language School
ekomix 30651 46.77% 43.05sec Waseda Senior High School
emisi no output -- Nada Senior High School
iacc 40791 62.24% 125.79sec Ishikawa Prefectural Kanazawa Izumigaoka Senior High School
istar 39998 61.03% 100.13sec Triam Udomsuksa School, Assumption College Suankularb Wittayalai School
kstpcc no output -- Kawasaki city high school for Science and Technology
nagater 50363 76.85% 179.06sec Hyogo Prefectural Nagata High School
nemui 65482 99.92% 178.25sec 1st Azabu High School
nomean 54133 82.60% 172.12sec3rd Asano Senior high school
rousers no output -- Iwate Ichinoseki Technical High School
scorpion 38292 58.43% 179.62sec Nada Senior High School
threein1 32843 50.11% 3.89sec Hwa Chong Junior College, Raffles Junior College
ydobon no output -- Yatsushiro National College of Technology

Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
Global Scientific Information and Computing Center,Tokyo Institute Of Technology