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GSIC Activities at SC12

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Visit Tokyo Tech Booth #3636 at SC12!


The Tokyo Tech Booth, #3636, will showcase the latest results from TSUBAME2.0 as well as ongoing research towards
TSUBAME3.0 and beyond. The GPU-centric TSUBAME2.0 has won many accolades including being ranked #4 on the Nov. 2010 Top500, as well as being recognized the "Greenest Production Supercomputer in the World" by the Green 500 in Nov. 2010 and June 2010, respectively, as well as serving as the basis for many petascale applications resulting in the Gordon Bell Award for 2011.

+ SC12 : The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis
+ Conference Dates : Nov. 10-16, 2012
+ Exhibition Dates : Nov. 12-15. 2012


Prof. Matsuoka's Photo

Tokyo Tech's TSUBAME2.0 is the first Japanese multi-PFlops supercomputer, aggressively utilizing advanced HPC technologies such as GPUs, SSDs, multi-rail Infiniband, and was ranked 4th on the Top500 in Nov. 2010 and awarded the "Greenest Production Supercomputer in the World" from the Green500 in Nov.2010 & Jun.2011. There are tens of petascale applications on TSUBAME2.0, including two applications that won the 2011 Gordon Bell special and honorable mention awards, as well as the 4th-ranked Graph500 run application.
Mid-life kicker Tsubame2.5 as well as multitudes of systems & application research are underway towards Tsubame3.0 and exascale. Visit the booth to find out!


The TSUBAME 2.0 e-science journal showcases many exciting ongoing projects from a wide range of disciplines. From GPU-powered turbulence simulations to DNA sequencing, researchers have been able to achieve astounding breakthroughs and gain new insight into today's most challenging HPC problems, all made possible by the power of TSUBAME 2.0.